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Motorun Phase Converters
Specialists in Single Phase to Three Phase Conversion

Convertors 2-40Hp
Input 1 phase 230v or 460v. (110v made to order)
Output 3 Phase 400/440v

Our Special Static Convertors can also be used for high torque applications,e.g. car lifts,Air Compressors,Passenger lifts,etc.or other combinations.
Our Standard range of Static Convertors have switches to alter the output of the Convertor to suit your
machine, one Convertor can run a number of machines when used individually.
Your requirement may include a 4hp Air Compressor plus other motors,lathe,mill,drill,in this instance a Convertor with two outputs can be supplied,one output is dedicated to the air compressor,so that it can operate off & on as req.the other output can be switchable from a 1/2hp to 4hp in three ranges,this saves on the cost of a Rotary Convertor ,is energy efficient,& suits the customers requirements.

Another application that we make a lot of specials for are water pumps,either for duty/standby (one motor runs at a time) or duty/assist,where in times of heavy demand both motors may run at the same time,a Special Static Convertor,is made to suit the pump requirements.

All our Static Convertors have tappings available for voltage & current balancing as standard,a list of our range of Static Convertors,weights & dimensions are listed below.

Custom built units are made with 230v or 460v input,pricing will depend on the specific application,please call us for further information.

We offer advice on power requirement,cable sizes,energy efficiency, etc.

Single Phase
Static Phase
Output 380/440v
Three Phase
Size HP Input Amps Wt.Kg. Dimensions
Price £. Carr.£. Vat 20.00% Total Inc.
2 13 20 250 x 230 x 210 POA cost
4 20 30 330 x 280 x 210 POA cost
8 32 50 410 x 330 x 230 POA cost
12 45 70 530 x 380 x 250 POA cost
15 63 90 530 x 460 x 330 POA cost
20 80 110 530 x 460 x 330 POA cost

To enable us to help advise you ,we will req. the following information; HP or Kw of machine or machines.Three phase voltage req. Full Load Current(flc) of motor(s)especially in the case of short rated motors,eg Car Lifts,Hoists etc.details on motor nameplate. RPM, Speed of motor Any non-rotating loads, eg.Welders, Plating rectifiers, Three Phase Transformers, Inverter Drives.

With over 30 years of experience supplying all types of machinery, you can be assured that we can supply the correct most energy efficient unit for your business.

Typical Application

A Small workshop consisting of the following equipment:

  • 3HP Lathe
  • 2HP Milling machine
  • 1HP Drill

Our 4 HP Static Phase Converter can operate any of the above machines, individually by switching the converter output to suit motor horsepower.