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Motorun Phase Converters
Specialists in Single Phase to Three Phase Conversion

Three phase convertors (3 phase convertors) convert single phase power to 3 phases. Convertors are ideal for farms, workshops, garages, large buildings, etc. Motorun Phase convertors currently supplies the UK (Great Britain and Northern Ireland), the Republic of Ireland, France, Spain and other countries in Europe and the Middle East.

We supply phase converters for small to large businesses, and also provide custom wound transformers for many applications.

Large enough to support all of your requirements yet small enough to provide a personal flexible service that meets your specifications.

Services that we offer are:

  • Phase Convertors     Bespoke phase convertor packages
  • Transformers
  • Technical Support
  •  Specials
  • Over 30 Years experience.
  • We are also available for onsite consultancy. Issues we can help with include
  • Analyzing existing and future requirements / Energy Efficiency savings
  • Investigate electrical supply issues / persistent breakdowns / over heating motors.