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Motorun Phase Converters
Specialists in Single Phase to Three Phase Conversion

What does a phase converter do?

A Phase Converter is a very useful devise that takes a Single-Phase 230v / 460v supply and converts to 3-Phase 400v output voltage that will operate ANY 3-Phase machinery your business may use.

Technical Support

It is important that you have the correct unit for your requirements. Incompatible equipment can cause expensive damage and be a safety risk. We offer our extensive experience to help to evaluate the best options as well as post installation support.


  • Save Thousands of £’s not having a dedicated 3-Phase power supply installed.
  • Cut Business overheads buy utilising existing Single Phase supply
  • Thinking of Moving Premises? - Take your Phase Convertor with you.
  • 3-Phase machinery is far easier to obtain then it’s single phase equivalent.
  • Custom applications provided for.


Your company depends upon performance of it’s machinery to function reliably and efficiently.

Every component used in our Phase Convertors is continually rated.

The special transformers we use are designed and manufactured by us.

In the event of a problem we will provide our While-U-Wait diagnostic and repair service, ensuring minimal downtime and inconvenience to you and your customers.

Possible uses include

Diving Compressors
Milling Machines
Spark Eroders
Plasma Cutters
Rolling Roads
Car Lifts
Tyre Machines
Wheel Balancers
Stone Saws
Wood Saws
Band Saws
Spindle Moulders
Air Conditioning
Printing Machines
Refrigeration Compressors
Shoe machines
Ice Cream Machines
Water Pumps
Passenger Lifts
Dumb Waiters
Rolling Mills
Roller Shutter Doors
Concrete Mixer Silos
farm equipment,