Motorun Phase Converters and Rotary Converters

Whether you wish to run one motor or a whole factory we have a unit to suit you. Motorun has supplied numerous industries with Phase Converters and Rotary Ponverters since 1982.

Thousands of businesses rely on our Static and Rotary Phase converters every day to run their machinery. Tried, tested and trusted, Motorun’s phase converters are the first choice for reliability, choice and cost.

Our Rotary Converters have seen use in MOT testing stations and are designed for 3-phase electrical loads. We also incorporate a unique ‘soft start system’ which brings the balancing motor to full speed with little effect on input current.

Our Phase Converters may enable you save thousands of pounds by:

  • Removing the need for a 3-phase power supply
  • Enabling you to cut business overheads by utilising existing single phase supplies.
  • Being portable: if you are moving premises, just take the converter with you.
  • Re-locate in cheaper premises with Single Phase Supply.

When you need the best you can buy choose MOTORUN Phase Converters.




Tel: (+ 44) 208 977 0242

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